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Nottingham Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Individual Classes are £6.00 per session. If you stay for 2 classes in a row in 1 night then the price is £10.00 for the both. If you stay for 3 classes in one night then the price is £15.00.

This includes any classes on our time table CLICK HERE

If you are just a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fanatic and do not wish to do any other classes on our time table then you can pay £50 to train any BJJ class for the whole month.

If you just want to do Muay Thai and no other classes then you can attend ALL the Muay Thai classes for £50 per 


NUS Students can train unlimited classes for £50 per months. Please ote that we will need to see your Valid NUS card each month.

If you want the freedom to train ALL our our classes when it suits you then you can pay £65 per month and attend as many classes as you like on our time table.